Specialties: Strategic and Tactical growth for Membership Organizations, Business Management & Development


Be Better Than Your Best

I once had a mentor tell me that my best wasn’t good enough. Ouch! Since best is, by definition, the best you can be, I think I was pretty reasonable in telling him, “Hey, my best is all I’ve got.”

He didn’t let it go: “That’s not good enough,” he told me. I asked him how I could do better if I was already doing my best. His response? “Do better. Learn more; read more. Become better.”

Did you hear the rumor about me?

For over the past 17 years I have been helping businesses grow and giving business owners back their life. I am passionate about what I do and I truly believe it is my calling. You see, I believe that people are dying in their business every day, just as my father had at the early age of 62. He never got to enjoy the full fruits of his labor and I see the same pattern arising in many of the business owners I consult with. I am on a mission to change this. My goal is to create businesses that can THRIVE and SURVIVE without the owners, so that they can enjoy their life and make an impact NOW, rather than waiting for someday when the owner can figure it out on their own.

The challenge I have been having is getting my message out there so I can help more people. I realized, rather it was brought to my attention, that there has been a lot of confusion around what it is I actually do. Well I would like to set the record straight and share with you what I have been up to in hopes that this will clarify what it is that I actually do.



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